Mission Statement And Goals

Scottsdale Eye Surgery Center, P.C. seeks to deliver accessible, superior quality outpatient ophthalmic services to the community.

In doing so we will:

  • Provide a high level of medical services as measured by positive clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • Effectively utilize our financial resources.
  • Work collaboratively with external parties to achieve common goals.

What We Do

The purpose of the ASC is to provide an alternative to the high cost and/or inconvenience of surgery performed in a hospital’s in or out-patient department and to provide this service with the same or better quality of care while actively reducing the health care costs to the patient,federal government, state government, and health care carriers.”

Guidelines For Patient During COVID -19

Patient Guide

Dear patient we want to provide you with detailed guidance in preparation for your surgical procedure. We know these are stressful times and we want to make sure we can answer most of your facility questions.

Please review the following:

  • 1. As you know any sore throat, runny nose, nausea, vomiting, fever, body aches, flue like symptoms have to be reported before you arrive.
  • 2. Your surgeon might give you an order for the COVID test a week before surgery and you need to isolate, if you are vaccinated no test has to be performed.
  • 3. Once you arrive to Scottsdale Eye Surgery Center, we will check your temperature at the door, your temperature must be lower than 100 degrees, we encourage you to bring your own mask to wear at SESC, if you don’t have one, one will be provided as soon as you arrive. One family member or friend can wait for you in our facility (with a mask)  or can wait outside if desired. The wait can be 1-4 hours.
  • 4. Once your surgery has taken place and you are in recovery, the nurse will go over instructions with your friend or family member.


  • 1. Scottsdale Eye Surgery Center has a specialized cleaning company that has taken extra measures to disinfect the facility. We will keep the facility extra clean for you.
  • 2. Please refrain from bringing extra personal items or jewelry to your surgical visit.

We thank you for giving us the opportunity to take care of you, and we will make sure you will feel safe during your stay.